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Advantages men have over women in society

Advantages men have over women in society

For decades, women have been fighting to have equality between both sexes, and over the years women have been given rights that equal to men, but at most, men still have the leverage of their sex against women.

Men’s natural edge over women in a society

There are many things that a woman can do that a man couldn’t, and there are also things that come to a man naturally, and women cannot do anything about it or change it. There are feminist campaigns that deal with factors in the society that can be change, but there are also deep-seated components of men that no amount of shout for equality can ever alter.

Men’s attractiveness prevails even at an old age

As men age, they grow to be more attractive, and even in their old age, younger women still finds them appealing. Men do not need cosmetics to be alluring, unlike women who needs to wear make-up to enhance the beauty, and continuously wear make-up in their older days to hide the wrinkles, and capture a youthful appearance. Enticing old men are more likely to marry or have affairs with younger women, compared to older women whose choices are very limited. Fact is, many young girls are finding older men attractive than younger boys.

Men have lesser tendencies to go through depression

Studies shows that men are secondary to women in terms of suffering from depression. Women tends to obsess over their problems, overthinking, and overanalyzing, are prone to be sexually and emotionally assaulted, are undermined sometimes, and have the natural sense of juggling work and family. Because of these, women are more susceptible to depression than men who most of the time leans on alcohol to forget their problems, who do not overanalyze and overthinks.

Men can defend themselves better compared to women

The natural body structure allows men to defend themselves better in times of a physical assault than women. Though there are women who are fully trained with self-defense tactics, men still have the advantage because their inborn strength allows them to tackle an opponent even without proper training. Men’s normal strength is a great advantage over women who still needs to undergo physical training to have a strong body in order to successfully defend themselves against anyone who means them harm.

Men are easily forgiven for their indiscretion

For the reason that they are men, society finds it easy to forgive a man for having sexual affairs with other women who are not their wives or girlfriends. People will just shrug and associate the behavior as being a male, but when women have affairs with other men, they are called sluts, bitches, and whores. No matter how many women’s rights demonstrations or appeal feminists make to have equal treatment between men and women, the fact that women are scorned when they have affairs compared to men is not likely to change any time soon or even in the future.

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