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The importance of Social Justice Warriors

The importance of Social Justice Warriors

What is social justice?

Social justice is notion of unprejudiced and just relations between the society and the individual. The concept is measured through the unambiguous and implicit conditions for the allocation of wealth, social privileges, and chances for personal activities. Basically, social justice is all about making sure that every individual fulfill their roles in the society and get what they deserve from society.

What is a social justice warrior?

Social justice warrior or SJW is a belittling term for a person who is an advocate of socially progressive views, such as civil rights, feminism, multiculturalism, and identity politics. A person accused of being an SJW implies that the person is out for personal validation, instead of any deep-seated belief, and is involved in insincere arguments.

It was in the late 20th century that the term social justice warrior emerged as a positive or neutral term for individuals who are part of the social justice advocacy. However, in 2011, social justice warrior was mentioned in Twitter, and the term dramatically changed from a positive meaning to a disastrously negative term.

Injustice for the SJW term

The SJW term has been associated with bad things, and has become a totally negative word, implicating individuals who are using the social justice cause to feed their own ego, to campaign their own personal goals and beliefs, and to use the idea of social justice to trample on other people’s rights, to be rude to those who do not have the same mind as they have, to create chaos in the streets, and basically to do more harm than good in the society that they claimed to fight justice for.

Many believed that SJW’s are quite misunderstood, that they are using means to achieve the fairness that people deserve. Their cause is good, what they want out of society if beneficial for everyone, and their beliefs that justice will prevail is strong factor that is woven inside their hearts. It is true that JSW uses ways that intimidates other people, but the demonstrations that they do, the methods they see fit to gain the necessary attention are deemed essential for them to reach their goals of equality and fairness, of justice and harmony.

The need for social justice warriors

Not all people have the will, the voice, and the strength to fight for their rights. There are people in the society whose rights are trampled upon by big corporations, or politicians, or employers, and these people are too scared to come out and seek justice for them. SJW is there, ready to fight for a cause that is beyond their own personal needs, willing to give a voice to the maltreatment against another human beings. SJW are not afraid to do everything to bring justice to those who are hurt by society, they are not scared of the big names in the society, and they will not run from a fight especially when they know they’re right.


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